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The comprehensive hospital solution that provides
efficient patient care coordination.

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Yosko gets it: doctors and nurses are always on-the-go and patient care happens at the bedside (NOT in front of desktops!). With the Yosko app every aspect of patient care is possible at the point-of-care.

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Yosko understands that medicine is a team sport. With the Yosko secure messaging tool and hand-off module, patient care is safely and instantly shared among the care team with built-in accountability and tracking of completed tasks.

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Yosko was created by practicing doctors with deep insight in the hospital workflow. Yosko’s screens are designed to unburden the user of redundant information, to minimize red tape and to optimize patient face time.

"Handoffs account for an estimated 80% of serious preventable errors"

The Joint Commission

…and yet, currently there is no streamlined process to pass off care among teams. Within a 24-hour period, a single patient’s care is transitioned on average 2-3 times among teams of physicians and similar number of times among nurses. With the involvement of extra specialists and consultants, this number can grow to double and triple that. The potential for omissions and delays in patient care is huge.

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Yosko has created a hand-off module that helps accomplish the major goals of hand-off:
1. Provide a succinct problem-based summary of the patient’s active issues.
2. Assign clear tasks to each team member.
3. Monitor for execution of tasks and create an accountability loop.

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A 500-bed hospital spends $4M extra per year due to wasted physician and nurse communication, or total of $12B annually for all US hospitals

Journal of HealthCare Management

Hospitals are among the few institutions that use pagers – an expensive, slow and cumbersome way of communication. Studies have shown that poor care coordination due to lack of communication leads to a prolonged patient length of stay and 30% increase in hospital expenses.

It is about time to give practitioners the tools to work as a team. The Yosko secure messaging system accomplishes exactly that – the patient’s care team can communicate in an instant and their conversations are saved for easy review by off-duty or new team members. The questions and answers templates allow for on-the-go alerting and call-for-help in times of emergency. The Yosko messaging tool is HIPAA compliant and can be used straight from the personal mobile devices.


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