Comprehensive care management platform for physicians.

Patient care is a team sport. Yosko provides a comprehensive care management platform that is deeply integrated with the EHR, facilitates coordination among team members and streamlines handoffs.

Custom mobile solutions integrated with your EHR

Yosko is lead by a team of practicing healthcare providers who understand the complicated hospital workflows and can deliver solutions tailored to the needs of your users

Comprehensive care management platform 
for physicians

A patient-centered care management platform designed by practicing physicians

  • Paperless rounds with on-the-go access to patient charts
  • Safe and structured handoffs
  • On-the-go documentation with templates, voice-to-text and e-signature with Face/Touch ID
  • A proven and scalable platform built to meet the needs of any health system

An integrated mobile platform that provides effective care coordination

EHR Integration

Deep EHR integration allows for real-time bi-directional access to clinical data.

Patient Centered Workflow

Yosko allows for smooth and safe patient care coordination on a single platform

Paperless Rounds

Full access to the patient's chart at the point-of-care, from lab results to medication history

Structured Handoffs

Patient care is safely transitioned among a team of providers.


Easy on-the-go documentation: pre-populated note templates, voice-to-text data entry and e-signing with Face/Touch ID.

Photo Capturing

Visual consultation through secure photo capturing. With a few taps, any photo can be inserted into the patient's daily progress note.

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