• Yosko
EHR integration


Yosko is deeply integrated with the EHR and provides a seamless and real-time flow of patient data among the EHR and mobile devices. It is a certified platform for use with Allscripts Sunrise.

Patient-centered workflow


Yosko puts the patient's care first! Designed by practicing physicians with deep insight in the hospital workflow, Yosko allows for smooth and safe patient care coordination on a single platform.

Paperless rounds


Yosko gets it: doctors and nurses are always on-the-go and patient care happens at the bedside. With the Yosko app every aspect of patient care is possible at the point-of-care.

Structured handoffs


With the Yosko hand-off module, patient care is safely transitioned among a team of providers. With built-in accountability and tracking of completed tasks, Yosko eliminates a costly patient safety problem for hospitals nation-wide.

Team-based communication


Yosko understands that medicine is a team sport. That's why Yosko connects every member of the care team through instant messages and discussion streams. Discharge planning is smooth and delays in delivery of care are avoided.

Clinical pictures


A picture is worth a thousand words! Yosko's clinical picture capability allows for the visual documentation of the patient's condition. With a few clicks, incorporate any picture in a patient note.

  • Yosko - Vital Signs

Yosko makes your rounds
truly paperless

The Yosko app gives the clinician a comprehensive access to the patient chart in the palm of his/her hand. Let me give you a quick tour. Vital signs are easily displayed in interactive graphs for easy viewing of trends. Nurses can input vital sign values directly into the app in seconds. Lab results can be checked out in “fishbone” or tables views. Not to mention any doc or nurse can check the patient’s orders, progress or admission notes, medication list, problem list or demographics with a simple click. Ask the users – they love it!

  • Yosko - Handoff

Yosko makes handoffs

Updates on the patient’s care from the past shifts are clearly passed along among teams in our Events Section (no more rushed huddles and interrupted verbal hand-offs). The Yosko handoff tool is helping your hospital solve one of the biggest safety hazards: preventable medical errors due to poor communication.

  • Yosko - Clinical Pictures

Clinical pictures

Snap a pic and share it with the care team or put in a progress note – it is all simple and easy with the Yosko app! Yosko creates a visual history of the important patient findings and they can all be part of the patient record. From getting a quick Dermatology input on a rash to a Cardiology diagnosis from an EKG, Yosko makes care easy and visual!

  • Yosko - Care Team Discussions

Care team discussions

For immediate questions and updates, the Yosko instant messaging tool facilitates discussions and consults. No more loud pages with indecipherable messages – Yosko finally allows the care team to be the patient’s dream team!

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Clinical pictures