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Yosko is a healthcare innovation studio that brings together a multidisciplinary team with backgrounds in medicine, engineering and design. We partner with hospitals, clinics and startups to build products that help deliver care more efficiently. We strive to help patients take ownership of their health while providing a delightful digital experience.

Custom mobile solutions integrated with your EHR

Yosko is lead by a team of practicing healthcare providers who understand the complicated hospital workflows and can deliver solutions tailored to the needs of your users

Patient engagement with your health institution

A white-label mobile application for hospitals and clinics that allows patients to be engaged with their clinical team.

  • Patients can access their medical records via a FHIR integration, which is supported by most EHRs
  • Educational resources that are relevant to the health issues of your patients
  • Facility maps and a directory of services offered at your institution
  • Turn-by-turn directions to your institution by car or public transportation

Comprehensive care management platform 
for physicians

A patient-centered care management platform designed by practicing physicians

  • Paperless rounds with on-the-go access to patient charts
  • Safe and structured handoffs
  • On-the-go documentation with templates, voice-to-text and e-signature with Face/Touch ID
  • A proven and scalable platform built to meet the needs of any health system
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Comprehensive care management platform 
for nurses

A solution tailored for nurses that facilitates safe medication administration with access to clinical references

  • Five rights of medication administration
  • Vital signs entry
  • Photo capturing and wound documentation
  • Access to patient records
  • Integration with secure communication tools
  • Consent forms

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